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Why should I get a Mac?

This is the $64,000 question. The call is to is to find out what current PC applications  one uses for business and personal. Mac is making it easier for both home and in business. One cannot convert a PC guy to Mac unless he or she is open-minded. Most of the PC  vs Mac mantra […]

Salesforce Windows 7 and Mac Mail Merge… Really?

I have a real Beef with Salesforce. Today I was pissed and wasted several hours on something that should have been addressed long ago. I look over the forums and they are all the same. Salesforce refuses to recognize Firefox, Chrome, and Windows 7. I come from a solid PC world and several years ago […]

Balanced Vs Unbalanced info – XLR to RCA

So, for years you have been wondering what Balanced and Unbalanced actually is and how it behaves, then read on. Balanced audio connections are extremely important in sound recording and production because they allow for the use of very long cables with reduced introduction of outside noise. The most common balanced connector is the 3-pin […]

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Clear 4G Internet Services Here is now Clear 4G Dealer setup to assist our Digital Rapids TouchStream Customers. The Clear 4G allows our TouchStream customers to move about in the 4G Coverage area, creating Live Stream Events with speeds of 1mb up and 5 down. Our team has personally tested the 4G RJ45 connected modem with and without wireless […]

Content Managed Systems CMS Joomla vs Drupal?

I have been reading up on the differences and while it is rather vague, the main difference seems to be that: Drupal is better for larger sites and is easier to add onto or extend. Drupal has better documentation. Joomla seems to be better for newbies where Drupal is more for the web developers (so […]

Medoricracy? Why does soceity seem to gravitate towards it?

It seems like customer service is only found in spotted places of business these days. Integrity to serve is out the door. If you think about it, typically it is not the employee or associate that is at fault, it is clearly management that does not teach or promote to be the best you can […]

Facebook Customer Support Phone number 650 543-4800

Our company has been advertising on Facebook for some time now and we are now at a point where we do not want to advertise anymore until we get some direct contact with a Facebook representative.  I emailed all the places I could find and then… I found this number and this is what I […]

Did you know that Your Cell Phone Facebook Pictures lead Stalkers and theives to you?

It was bound to happen. All those pictures you put up on Facebook of your new Car, FlatScreen, etc are marked with what is known as Geo Tagging. Plainly put, Geo Tagging Photos you post, reveal the exact coordinates to you and your stuff husbands, wives, friends, and family members. So if a person knows […]

Release of iPhone iPad Html5 player generator officially released it’s JW supported 2.0 Streaming Player Generator that streams (iPhone – iPad – Html5) Video On Demand (VOD) and Live streaming solutions. Due to the unwavering position of Apple NOT to support Flash on their mobile devices, specifically the iPhone – iPad, has coded a player that will allow their CDN […]