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Proof Steve Jobs is Dead, Iphone planned obsolescence My 2 Cents

Commentary on Apple Iphone I may be naive about this and maybe at some point in Steve Jobs Reign over apple, I ask myself if he had a hand in the “planned obsolescence” discovery for the Iphone, only to boost sales and keep the snowball rolling uphill. I have been a part of the more […]

Amped AP20000G Default Password Wireless

I looked everywhere and there was very little on the default password especially because the password words were only in the PDF so the default password for this unit is “wireless” Seems so Trivial.

HP M276 200 Color Pro Symptom Keeps rebooting Error 41 HP is clueless

Symptoms – Error 49 printer reboots itself Quick fix – Remove the network cable RJ45 HP support is no help. The printer has a firmware bug. You do not need to check the version cause it needs to be upgraded. They had me use an old file that was Mac only and I am a […]