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Nightmare – Google GSuites, Google Mail, Archaic administration Banking and payment and credit process – Fail

  I am a Google Gmail partner providing Domain Driven Email boxes and GSuites, and various other names the changed to confuse the customer and we have been working with Google Services since at least 2013. Google has a very archaic way of invoicing our office but we went along with it and have been […]

Salesforce Fail Connect Offline 2.0

There is a program that will work within Salesforce, it is called Connect Office Offline Briefcase 2.0. They are really a dumb company and I will tell you why. I got to the point where i logged in and was able to sync the database, then it told me that that I had an activiex […]

HP M276 200 Color Pro Symptom Keeps rebooting Error 41 HP is clueless

Symptoms – Error 49 printer reboots itself Quick fix – Remove the network cable RJ45 HP support is no help. The printer has a firmware bug. You do not need to check the version cause it needs to be upgraded. They had me use an old file that was Mac only and I am a […]

Iphone 5S Live Streaming with Mac Air & BlackMagic Intensity Extreme works well

Simplicity Works – Getting the Word out Refuge Long Beach Today, we could not use the Verizon Jetpack and our 13″ Mackbook Pro Laptop to Live Stream our Church plant which which yields 950kbps up and 5mb down and we used ATT and it worked well. We successfully used the following Hardware on the fly […]

So you want to know how Google Works??

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Common Issues With Denon AVR-2807 In the Trash is where it belongs

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME A DYI Techie will probably appreciate this post. You might think that this is a rather harsh decision but it was not something I took lightly. I have been able to repair complex electronic issues for many years and have spent countless hours trying to fix something that is not […]

Black Magic Design & Wirecast Live Streaming Tools

Is there a developer’s site for Facebook?

Searching the help in Facebook does not get you developer help so this is a good link. Text Link –

Why should I get a Mac?

This is the $64,000 question. The call is to is to find out what current PC applications  one uses for business and personal. Mac is making it easier for both home and in business. One cannot convert a PC guy to Mac unless he or she is open-minded. Most of the PC  vs Mac mantra […]

Salesforce Windows 7 and Mac Mail Merge… Really?

I have a real Beef with Salesforce. Today I was pissed and wasted several hours on something that should have been addressed long ago. I look over the forums and they are all the same. Salesforce refuses to recognize Firefox, Chrome, and Windows 7. I come from a solid PC world and several years ago […]