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Buying a Speed Vault by Company

So. many are buying guns, not realizing that they have to buy a box or a lock for it before they leave the store. Luckily, I knew that but I did buy a Speed Vault made by GunVault Model SV 500. This is my rant about this product and how the company is reflected in […]

Japan, Libya, and Life in our world

Within reason, I attempt to listen to World and Local News for 1/2hr. in the morning. The fact that Japan’s crisis is mounting ia overshadowed by Libya and barley a mention of Japan this am. Not a surprise were bombing Libya. Japan’s disaster, sickness, death, and devastation is just starting as food and water diminish, […]

Tsunami in Japan

More Nasty Weather coming, Hold on from A reliable source

I found this quite sobering, Date: January 19, 2010 8:31:31 PM PST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: [Fwd: get ready for a whomper]   Currently, the strong El Nino is reaching its peak in the Eastern Pacific, and now finally appears to be exerting an influence on our weather. The strong jet has been apparent for quite […]

The reason we are safe

I stumbled opon this and this is great. Just reach your hand out to the next serviceman or Woman and thank them if there behind the enemy lines on at a desk, it all counts. Worth While Video to see Eric

Who are the Convicted Felons in Your Neighborhood?

If you have kids or just are concerned who lives in your neighborhood that could be trouble, you will want to remember this link. I do not know it’s accuracy but it seems to work in my neighborhood. I will keep you posted. Please let me know what you find and how it helped you. […]