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Macular, and how to deal with it

Your senior may be having a hard time with watching your senior start losing their site. It can happen in their sixties on up. It is not fun for either of you and as their site deteriorates, they become more dependant on you or your family. The problem is that they don’t know it until […]

Seniors 911 Long distance Health Care

Ok, so this is usually the beginning of your Seniors in Transitions experience. It helps if your married or have a good friend that can keep you sane and help you through this one. Your at work, you have two deadlines to make and the phone rings, a family member calls you, IM’s or text […]

Horizon Pregnancy Center

Teen pregnancy is one of the topics that is avoided like the plague and not openly discussed. With the ever changing world pregnancy is not limited to teens and is spreading to Women later in life for various reasons. The team at HPC has been in service for the past 5 years, approximately since 2002. […]

Seniors in Transition

Ok, dealing or finally facing the reality of seniors in transition with your aging family member(s). Your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, there are some things that you really need to know. It seems that someone always gets elected in a family to be the primary care giver or to be the one in charge of […]

Caring for the aging is NOT easy

Ok, so I grew up in a home that had my Grandmother live with us most of my life, like 15 or our 18 years while I was at home. I escaped to Hawaii at 19. I am happily married guy with a family of three. Two years ago my wife’s mother moved in with […]