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Lost your job? and takeing steps to financial relief?

Preface – This article is an in-your-face and was written to help to those that going through this unpleasant process. Ok, so times can be tough and you have lost your job. It has been 6 months and you are still going through life like you still have a job, still eating out, going to […]

Dads What are you here for?

Every time I get to spend some quality time with my kids or a person in need of listening time, it is a good day. Yesterday, my hardest to reach son, still living at home, 22 year old and I went to the beach with the potential of Surfing. Turns out, it was flat slightly […]

RobbieK performs in Hollywood at The Comedy Store

It was great seeing my son who just graduated from Gerry Katzman’s, School of comedy. Robbiek’s and all his graduates have a certain style. You can tell when Gerry has been schooling them because they do not suck. Gerry has a knack to bring out the best in even the meekest of performers. RobbieK performed […]

Son and Daughter, Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday was fun helping sort and pack shoe boxes to distribute to needy children across the country. A team of 17 met at the Orange County distribution center. The Christmas Child group, headed by Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse is so well organized. They trained us and got us on the floor in no time. My […]


Continued from Facebook, Gayle has had some help, Julie Harrington, and Julie Gibbs. Ok, so GMa is doing ok now. The last few days were rough as she was very disoriented due to the Morphine and other drugs. The Doctor backed off on them. She is in the hospital for today and Thursday and I […]

People Reinventing themselves

People who have been affected by the softening economy are turning to new avenues for income. Some are finding new untapped skills and reinventing themselves.  Some important things to consider when reinventing ones self. Stick with what you know Do not quit your current job or stream of income until you can replace it Do […]

The reason we are safe

I stumbled opon this and this is great. Just reach your hand out to the next serviceman or Woman and thank them if there behind the enemy lines on at a desk, it all counts. Worth While Video to see Eric

40 Tips for Better Life

Print this and post it! >> Download a file >>  Click Here to get 40 Tips for Better Life    40 Tips for Better Life 1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile.  It is the ultimate anti-depressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. 3. […]

You thought that was funny

Laughing guy – Funny stuff – Laughing Girl at the Laughing Guy –  

Father Son time at 83 years old

1992 Dodge Caravan with My Dad. Removing the Heads to replace the Head Gaskets. It is not about the work, it about doing something with your dad and sharing good memories – Van Father Son Project