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Barack Obama is getting heat from Manning

Well, Mr. Obama has been getting more and more heat heaped upon him causing him to lose his ratings. This guy is speaking like I have never heard before and most if it is accurate, but some is crap. If anything it is entertaining.

OBummer, You Heard it first

I crack myself up. You know I have real mixed feelings with OBummer in the office. 60 days plus and counting, people are starting to recover from the coolaid they were drinking and the tied is turning…. OBuummer. I think that lots was said and different things are actually being done. It is hard to […]

Robert Lagoyavich, the most Arrogant person on the planet next to Godie

I went home for lunch and watched Glenn Beck and listened to the 2nd part of the interview with Robert Lagoyavich. Like Beck, I am completely dumfounded at this man and he blatant Arrogance.  As you watch and listen, I am waiting for him to break down and confess or to find him at home […]

Yes on 8 Weather you like it or not!

Liberal Left Response to the Mayor of San Francisco Original Video, Mayor of San Francisco