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Ecommerce… again.. where is it going?

I have been involved with Ecommerce since 1997 and from then until now, it has evolved, but remained steady. There are many companies in the game, but there are so many components involved in brining good useful tools, along with reliable services, that most do not have the experience and the acquired knowledge to really […]

Hosting Fees and Shifting Climates Blog by PaulHirsch is right on and well I just had to comment on the state of who are serious and who are not going to be around a year from now. The Whir seems to have some great articles and such. A magazine that I was really impressed at the HostingCon 2007 was […]

What does 100% uptime mean and how can that be promised

I recently had online chats with a host to get to the bottom of 100% up-time guarantee’s and this is what I found. Just as I thought. It is impossible to be 100% up-time. Good networks and points of failures makes for better stability. “We have actually assisted 100% network up-time in over 7 years.. […]

Cpanel, Ensim, Plex, vs Manually run Servers

During the past 10 years I have been listening to the pros and cons of “automated” servers vs “manual” (command line maintenance). We are a manually run house. Why? It comes down to faster customer Response times and server solutions flexibility. Our team has always pushed against automated systems and I understand why. You cannot […]