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How to make a 4′ x 10′ or 12′ Banner Frame for Soccer, Church, or Any Event

Attached is a PDF Parts Drawing 

How much Natural Gas or Propane Pressure Should I have for my Grill to get the best Performance?

Your Grills performance is greatly affected by the amount of gas Volume you feed it. The larger the pipe, the more you can feed your grill, which will yield maximum performance. There are many Gas Line related factors that will affect your grills performance. For most gas BBQ grills, the test is to lift out […]

When is it time for a new Umbrella?

Enough is Enough, cannot wait for the new one. Maybe you will not find it as entertaining as I did but remember, I am just opening my umbrella… Is this the oddest way to open an broken and crippled umbrella? The top ripped from age and it time for it to retire I just ordered […]

Delta Pilar Single,Touch Faucet, Battery Life Solution

Purchased the Perfect Faucet – This year we remodeled our kitchen and replaced the faucet with the Delta faucet from Lowes. The price, under $350, was very reasonable. The installation went well, but I cannot imagine anyone installing this faucet that does NOT have a solid grasp of mechanical aptitude. * Battery Life – This […]

Simple kitchen Cabinet Project Grows

Doing a simple fix of replacing kitchen cabinets as a result of a flood can turn into a full blow remodel. There are so many things to consider when tackling a moving remodel. You need to know your stuff and have some good friends in the trades. Tools at this point are important to have. […]