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ShopSite 10, Doba and Wysiwyg

I just had a chance to review ShopSite 10 Beta pre-release. It has some nice features, especially the Wysiwyg optional editor., an up and coming quick start system has partnered with ShopSite to bring more flexibility to sales for the person who wants to sell products to seamlessly add to their arsenol. is […]

E-Commerce Tactics

If you run an online store you will be busy this season and for many years to come. With an encertain economy, fluctuating fule costs, and an ever-increasing comfort levels, online shopping, consumers will take to the internet in droves. You need to understand you Audience, Motivations, and Intentions. One of the first steps to understanding […]

Streaming and SKU Streaming Flash

I was reviewing that was an Ecommerce SKU-driven Embedded stream for active selling. They have Amazon as one of there customers. I think this will work for some products and services but not for all. Live streaming and streaming on demand as become very popular and serious streaming can be costly. There are many […]