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Having trouble with your outdoor refrigerator cooling? We will show you how to replace the thermo protector sensor and the start relay as a precaution.

My Tutorials – Replacing your Gas Valves as a result of high-winds entering the back of the grill head

Almost every grill manufacture has a gap in the back top of the grill to allow some excess heat escape from your grill so it does not cause any damage. High-wind entering this gap area from the back can cause a “blow-torch” effect from back to the front and sides of a grill, potentially damaging […]

How much Natural Gas or Propane Pressure Should I have for my Grill to get the best Performance?

Your Grills performance is greatly affected by the amount of gas Volume you feed it. The larger the pipe, the more you can feed your grill, which will yield maximum performance. There are many Gas Line related factors that will affect your grills performance. For most gas BBQ grills, the test is to lift out […]

Outdoor Island and Grill Stainless Steel Care and Use Tips

Stainless Steele Care and use   Top tips for understanding the care and use of outdoor stainless steel appliances and accessories:   –       Although the word Stainless appears in the product description name, most grades and forms of stainless are certainly not stain or rust proof. –       The standard stainless material used in the Stainless […]


I had a PowerShot stapler for almost 10 years and every once and a while it jammed, no biggie. Today, I had good memories of a quality produce and purchased a new one and price was not the determining factor. I also purchased the manufacture recommended staples. My task was to put up a few […]

Refrigerator Defrost and general helpful issues GE model PSS27NHMCWW

I have extensive appliance repair experience, but I needed specific information and wanted to thank for the website which had the details I needed to run extensive tests. I have a 2004 or 2005 GE fully digital and automatic side-by-side, ice maker and refer mini door refrigerator that frosted over the freezer component. It […]

2004 Lincoln Navigator and Aviator Shifter Fix Solution Click Link

To all, I could not believe some of the most amazing stories I heard about the Lose or broken Console Shifters Handle in the Lincoln Navigator and then I starting hearing about other Lincoln’s with the same or similar issues like the Aviator. Navigator – 2004 Lincoln Navigator and Aviator Shifter Fix Solution I was cleaning […]

Double door Referigerator Icing up and not working after a weeek or so, Sears 363.9534710

There are many symptoms that can take you off track as to the real symptom. I was helping a friend troubleshoot his refrigerator. First, I have to describe that it is a double door 23-25 cu inch refer, with ice maker, water and ice dispenser. It was a Sears Kenmore Model Number 363.9534710. The refrigerator […]

Delta Pilar Single,Touch Faucet, Battery Life Solution

Purchased the Perfect Faucet – This year we remodeled our kitchen and replaced the faucet with the Delta faucet from Lowes. The price, under $350, was very reasonable. The installation went well, but I cannot imagine anyone installing this faucet that does NOT have a solid grasp of mechanical aptitude. * Battery Life – This […]