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How to make a 4′ x 10′ or 12′ Banner Frame for Soccer, Church, or Any Event

Attached is a PDF Parts Drawing 

Don’t use Westminster Memorial Park, Westminster California Fails

My Mother-in-law died 9 months ago and was buried December 14th, 2014,  and we buried her at the Park with the rest of her family in Westminster California. Her name was Hope Coleman. Westminster Memorial park was in charge of the burial and the gravestone. The sales person said he submitted the paperwork a few […]

Why do only 2 out of 3 people read the Bible?

Answer –  Lack of Time & Understanding Solution – Through the Word App Author – Renowned Church Planter, Refuge Pastor, Kris Langham & his team Note – This may only show up on a Flash supported platform

Salesforce Fail Connect Offline 2.0

There is a program that will work within Salesforce, it is called Connect Office Offline Briefcase 2.0. They are really a dumb company and I will tell you why. I got to the point where i logged in and was able to sync the database, then it told me that that I had an activiex […]

Aaron Chang Olympus in the Stove, cooked his photos

I lived on the North Shore of Oahu in the late 70’s for eleven years. For work, I was one of the only guys that could fix anything, aka Bolt Electronics,  with many surf sessions in between. If you were around then, you probably know or have heard that it was labeled as one of […]

Honor our Veterans

Today and everyday you come in contact with a Veteran, stop them and thank them for our Freedom.

Lost your job? and takeing steps to financial relief?

Preface – This article is an in-your-face and was written to help to those that going through this unpleasant process. Ok, so times can be tough and you have lost your job. It has been 6 months and you are still going through life like you still have a job, still eating out, going to […]

Who is thinking of others over yourself ?

Random thoughts for the week – Our  lives are about finding our way, and in finding your way as to who you are and how you fit into this world, helping others is a great part of that process that can mash-up and shape who you are,  creating open doors you never knew could be […]

Haiti,!my heart goes out to all connected

I am just watching some devastating photos from Hati. There are 2 million people in Port O Prince in a place that can really hold 40,000. The president mentioned that we can learn how to support at For Americans trying to get information about loved ones in Hati, the national phone number is 888 […]

People Reinventing themselves

People who have been affected by the softening economy are turning to new avenues for income. Some are finding new untapped skills and reinventing themselves.  Some important things to consider when reinventing ones self. Stick with what you know Do not quit your current job or stream of income until you can replace it Do […]