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How to make a 4′ x 10′ or 12′ Banner Frame for Soccer, Church, or Any Event

Attached is a PDF Parts Drawing 

Why do only 2 out of 3 people read the Bible?

Answer –  Lack of Time & Understanding Solution – Through the Word App Author – Renowned Church Planter, Refuge Pastor, Kris Langham & his team Note – This may only show up on a Flash supported platform

Pastor Bill Welsh and Chris Duarte Sermon November 27, 2011

I happen to grab this off the Live stream that day for Chris’s family. Bill made a nice intro. Enjoy  

Five Qualities of True Believers

Paul in Philippians 3 verses 1-3 adds to his biblical teachings presents five qualities of true Believers. Rejoice in the Lord Exercise discernment Worship in the Spirit Glory in Christ Jesus Put no confidence in the flesh.  

Calvary Westgrove Missions Conference Schedule

Download your Saturday PDF Schedule Here – Impact-Missions-Conference-Sat-3-23-2011 More Info Register –  Pastor Bill Welsh Pastor Rob Douglas Pastor Bob Gaona Pastor Mike Theimann Register – Times Day – 9AM – 4:45PM Evening – 7pm-9:30 PM 12832 Knott Street Garden Grove, CA 92841 714) 897-8972 Check with the office for actual times Map […]

Pastor Terry Jones Please Stand Down

Pastor Terry Jones, Stand Down, This is not what Jesus would do. He might turn the tables over but he would not burn the entire complex. It is disrespectful of another persons freedom. The Lord gave us Wisdom to be sensitive to others. In the inverse, to not put a Mosque in the middle of […]

I think this is the all time to the point sermon

I am calling this one of the in your face all time sermons from Flatirons Church. Christian or not, you will get something out of it.

Remote Refuge Life Journal Reading Plan January to June 2009

If your like some of us that are on the go and have our bibles in our PDA’s our my newly acquired IPhone, which does make bible reading easy. Add to that, we need to have a virtual copy of our life reading plan that we can put in our portable devices or even our […]

Loss of Brother in Christ and a Friend “Good and Faithful Servant”

Yesterday, we lost Dave Gustave, a Brother in Christ. Thursday March 5th. 2009 3:05 PM. Services – When – Wednesday March 11th. 10AM @ Calvary Refuge, HB, CA Church Office 714 891-9405 More Photos here Those that new him or knew “of him”, understood that Dave did NOT let others know of his pain and […]