Busy Week

Ok so this weekend was jam packed with fun. It is Monday and Gayle and I got into the surgery center for her Shoulder at 5:30AM.

Meanwhile…Gma is still in the ER for overnight observation taken in by Gayle all day Sunday. Gayle…being the trooper she is, stayed with Gma all day. Gma went in with complaining of chest pains on Saturday evening. She has had so much head and face pain since her Gama Knife proceedure. The doctor did this proceedure to avoid the more invasive operation which he has put her on the list for. They are going to operate through the lower back of the skull, and move or pad the offending blood vessel that is rubbing against the Trigeminal nerve that has been paining her for the past 25 years.

Not to be overshadowed by the draining intensitnal shunt that has to be replaced every 60 days for an enlarged gaull stone that cannot be removed or broken down at this time.  She has been on pain pills and muscle relaxors. She hates taking pills and I do not blame her. She has been very much disoriented most of the time, but still her funny self pops out from time to time. She has put off her shunt replacement for a week or so because of her pain and now the ER.

O…not to mention the Dog. Patches as we mentioned earlier, was laid to rest Saturday, so we were all recovering from that. The loss hit Gayle especially hard as Patches would greet her every day for a treat and a warm good morning.

Back at the house, Kimmie and I were on a mission to prepare the house and shink the  monumental laundry pile that haunts Gayle and Kimmie, pretty much every day.
The idea was to take some of the load and guilt which moms tend to have when going in for a any kind of medical proceedure.

It is about 7:45AM and Gayle should be out of surgery by 8:00AM and after recovery, we can go home.

I am so fortunate to have my work allow me to be somewhat remote, with such a great crew that tells me just to take care of business and they will hold down the fort.  Thankx team.

Gayle, will not be moving for most of the first few days so I will be on duty tending to her needs and the house. Kimmie will be my every faithful help mate.

It is now 8:45AM and Gayle just got our of surgery. Dr. Yaru said that it went well and that should should be in shape, going to take her home in a few minutes.


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