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Having trouble with your outdoor refrigerator cooling? We will show you how to replace the thermo protector sensor and the start relay as a precaution.

My Tutorials – Replacing your Gas Valves as a result of high-winds entering the back of the grill head

Almost every grill manufacture has a gap in the back top of the grill to allow some excess heat escape from your grill so it does not cause any damage. High-wind entering this gap area from the back can cause a “blow-torch” effect from back to the front and sides of a grill, potentially damaging […]

Common Issues With Denon AVR-2807 In the Trash is where it belongs

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME A DYI Techie will probably appreciate this post. You might think that this is a rather harsh decision but it was not something I took lightly. I have been able to repair complex electronic issues for many years and have spent countless hours trying to fix something that is not […]

Black Magic Design & Wirecast Live Streaming Tools

Heart attack and Water

I thought I would post this as it make perfect sense and it cannot hurt to follow it. Heart Attack & Water Something I didn’t know either! I asked my Doctor why do I and other people urinate so much at night time. Answer from my Cardiac Doctor = Gravity holds water in the lower […]

iCloud – Is your iPhone backed up? Probably Not

Most of us learn the hard way when our phone breaks, crashes, gets stolen, or disappears. It is my understanding that if you have ATT or Verizon, you need to turn this on manually. It does not happen automatically. It is ok if your not a fan of iCloud, but you do want to be […]

Is there a developer’s site for Facebook?

Searching the help in Facebook does not get you developer help so this is a good link. Text Link –

Still Juicing and My health

It has been quite some time now and like any good system that you use, if it works don’t tweak it much. I have had my days where I have not juiced but I punish myself and eat less and double up on my juice and maybe change up my exercise. Sugar is my #1 […]

Day 83 and at my Target Weight

Sorry I have not posted for a while. Today I hit my Target weight, I am 5’11” and 185 pounds and feel great.

Day 40 How to stay on Track at work