Aaron Chang Olympus in the Stove, cooked his photos

I lived on the North Shore of Oahu in the late 70’s for eleven years. For work, I was one of the only guys that could fix anything, aka Bolt Electronics,  with many surf sessions in between. If you were around then, you probably know or have heard that it was labeled as one of the classic Era’s for Big Surf and great and soon to be famous Photographers.Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang was on of those guys who always came by our street to visit Denis Pang, and other photographers like, Bruce Hornbaker, Steve Wilkins, Cornel Benson, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Gary Capo, Dan Merkle…yeah…good ole Dan,…with his friggin raft, all were some of the ones I remember that were on top of their surfing photography game.

One day Aaron came into my shop and showed me his only a week-old Olympus OM-1 that would not work anymore. He was truly bummed, those cameras were expensive back then. Like all photography equipment, they get wet and sometimes they can be revived, and I was a pro at equipment revival.

He proceeded to tell me how got it wet and that he carefully rinsed it off and then stuck it in an oven to quick dry it. Being the North Shore, ya gotta understand that most North Shore ovens had 2 temperatures, on and off.

Surprisingly, he only melted the roll winder and I found it was not available by Olympus. Aaron told me  to just keep it or toss it. All these years, I held onto it…. It was one of those pieces of memories that just meant something and I could not toss it.

A few years back I ran into Aaron in the water at Oceanside North side Jetty area in California  and told him about the camera. I am sure he thought I was nuts. I still have it and snagged some Ipad photos of it and thought I would post this for good old times.
Now that Aaron is Da Kine Famous guy and well, Maybe it should be in a Museum or even Aaron might really want it for a keep sake…naaaaaaa or Maybe I should post it on Craig’s List as Memorabilia….


Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1


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