October, 2011 Archive

Why should I get a Mac?

This is the $64,000 question. The call is to is to find out what current PC applications  one uses for business and personal. Mac is making it easier for both home and in business. One cannot convert a PC guy to Mac unless he or she is open-minded. Most of the PC  vs Mac mantra […]

Salesforce Windows 7 and Mac Mail Merge… Really?

I have a real Beef with Salesforce. Today I was pissed and wasted several hours on something that should have been addressed long ago. I look over the forums and they are all the same. Salesforce refuses to recognize Firefox, Chrome, and Windows 7. I come from a solid PC world and several years ago […]

iPhonetics describes the iPhone auto correction misspelling feature

iPhonetics or iPhonics or for short iPhon are now officially a word that can be use in place of “I did not mean to text that, my phone auto corrected it. iPhonetics is a my new word to describe the iPhone auto correction misspelling feature. I am the first to come up with this name […]

Honor our Veterans

Today and everyday you come in contact with a Veteran, stop them and thank them for our Freedom.

My Mac is slow and gives me the beach ball of death and a remedy

So is your laptop computer slow to reboot when you open the lid and you have to do a cold reboot or complete restart? Closing the lid is ok to do but make sure you perform a restart of your laptop at least 2-3 times a week. I have some inside info from a Mac […]