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Obama is Awesome and I think you will enjoy this

Great satire on Obama vs. what is actually happening in the world.

Medoricracy? Why does soceity seem to gravitate towards it?

It seems like customer service is only found in spotted places of business these days. Integrity to serve is out the door. If you think about it, typically it is not the employee or associate that is at fault, it is clearly management that does not teach or promote to be the best you can […]

Facebook Customer Support Phone number 650 543-4800

Our company has been advertising on Facebook for some time now and we are now at a point where we do not want to advertise anymore until we get some direct contact with a Facebook representative.  I emailed all the places I could find and then… I found this number and this is what I […]

Japan, Libya, and Life in our world

Within reason, I attempt to listen to World and Local News for 1/2hr. in the morning. The fact that Japan’s crisis is mounting ia overshadowed by Libya and barley a mention of Japan this am. Not a surprise were bombing Libya. Japan’s disaster, sickness, death, and devastation is just starting as food and water diminish, […]

Calvary Westgrove Missions Conference Schedule

Download your Saturday PDF Schedule Here – Impact-Missions-Conference-Sat-3-23-2011 More Info Register –  Pastor Bill Welsh Pastor Rob Douglas Pastor Bob Gaona Pastor Mike Theimann Register – Times Day – 9AM – 4:45PM Evening – 7pm-9:30 PM 12832 Knott Street Garden Grove, CA 92841 714) 897-8972 Check with the office for actual times Map […]

Tsunami in Japan