August, 2010 Archive

Double door Referigerator Icing up and not working after a weeek or so, Sears 363.9534710

There are many symptoms that can take you off track as to the real symptom. I was helping a friend troubleshoot his refrigerator. First, I have to describe that it is a double door 23-25 cu inch refer, with ice maker, water and ice dispenser. It was a Sears Kenmore Model Number 363.9534710. The refrigerator […]

RobbieK performs in Hollywood at The Comedy Store

It was great seeing my son who just graduated from Gerry Katzman’s, School of comedy. Robbiek’s and all his graduates have a certain style. You can tell when Gerry has been schooling them because they do not suck. Gerry has a knack to bring out the best in even the meekest of performers. RobbieK performed […]

Facebook Story Business Story

I have one that I need a facebook pro to help me. Nobody at Facebook has or will help me so I am pretty much hosed. I have had a personal page for a few years. I wanted to setup a page for our company, I was suggested to setup fans (more than 25 […]