April, 2010 Archive

I think this is the all time to the point sermon

I am calling this one of the in your face all time sermons from Flatirons Church. Christian or not, you will get something out of it.

Thinking about health and Supplimental Anything

Most do not think too much about health or its affects till you round 45-50 years of age until stuff starts breaking.  Torn knees from football, or Shoulders from another sport, prostate, Cholesterol, etc.. Probably around that time it is not too late but if you have not been taking care of yourself by monitoring […]

What are the percentages of Unenployment in the U.S.?

Check this little peice of information.

P90X Chin-Up Bar is a Rip-off

To Beachbody customer service, quality control I love the P90X DVD program and will be using it. I want to speak of the poor quality of the bolts and general poor construction of the Jungle Jam Chin-Up Bar. I am going to assume that the Integrity that Tony Horton would have had for this product […]