August, 2009 Archive

Barack Obama is getting heat from Manning

Well, Mr. Obama has been getting more and more heat heaped upon him causing him to lose his ratings. This guy is speaking like I have never heard before and most if it is accurate, but some is crap. If anything it is entertaining.

AAA and Insurance with Water Damage in a Home

AAA has been very difficult to work with if you have an idea of what you are doing. I can see how insurance adjusters for the companies can litterly run you over. They are so ready to cut you a check and close the issue in a few days when it takes as few days […]


Continued from Facebook, Gayle has had some help, Julie Harrington, and Julie Gibbs. Ok, so GMa is doing ok now. The last few days were rough as she was very disoriented due to the Morphine and other drugs. The Doctor backed off on them. She is in the hospital for today and Thursday and I […]