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The reason we are safe

I stumbled opon this and this is great. Just reach your hand out to the next serviceman or Woman and thank them if there behind the enemy lines on at a desk, it all counts. Worth While Video to see Eric

Economy and people hurting

The effects of the sunken economy are found in pockets here and there where I live in Orange County, California.  People out of jobs were typically related to jobs or services in the real estate market and especially the  x-mortgage brokers that had the rug pulled out from under them. At least that is how […]

Auto Dealers Closings

My heart goes out to the dealers that are being cut out of GM / Chrystler system.  As a Corporation, I understant what the suits are thinking and this is a tough tough position all those dedicated hard working people. I have worked with a franchise and cannot imagine spending many years building the business and […]