January, 2009 Archive

Robert Lagoyavich, the most Arrogant person on the planet next to Godie

I went home for lunch and watched Glenn Beck and listened to the 2nd part of the interview with Robert Lagoyavich. Like Beck, I am completely dumfounded at this man and he blatant Arrogance.  As you watch and listen, I am waiting for him to break down and confess or to find him at home […]

Grassroots Economic Stimulus Package 101

As a company, YourHost.com has always looked for ways to help people and others with no strings attached. Recently, we have come up with a unique and effectively helping promote Local companies. Our sales and technical staff wanted to find a way that we could help increase sales for our Local businesses owners. The approach we will take is “it is all […]

Montyolee YouTube Reply in detail

Well, i did not have time to make a video but I think that Montyorlee missed the point.  Reply to Monty I do not think you heard that we closed our account and he is correct about closing the account would affect your equifax and credit rating reports. Cutting the Credit Cards is part of […]

Technology and communicating

Our kids, friends, and family members, are all experiencing the different ways people are virtually communicating with others. Most of us have NO time for personal phone conversations, so we text, blog, twitter, facebook, myspace eachother. I ran accross a trailer that of a new movie with Drew Barrymore said about technology is priceless. She […]

Palm Treo – Love Hate Relationship – 755P pushed me over the edge

I have had a Palm device for the past 8 years and well….why. Sometimes I wonder why.  I have had 7 exchanges of the Palm 650-700P over the past 3+ years.  I have learned to keep it simple and it still fails. There are some features that the Treo family has I cannot live without.  […]