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I am happy to announce that we have Tweaked the theme with the following items. Safely Download Coffee_Desk Tweaks 11-22-2008 RSS Feed is functional, Image and Browser Compatibility User Friendly Error 404 page Footer – Refer open in new link  Desktop layout Browser Compatibility

Couples getaway was a hit in Big Bear Lake California!

With all the responsibilities in my our lives, we decided to see if we could get away for the weekend. We called a friend named Jim Troy that runs the sales for Lagonita Lodge, which was full up, and he recommended that we go a memorable Bed N Breakfast that he said to me  “Eric […]

Who are the Convicted Felons in Your Neighborhood?

If you have kids or just are concerned who lives in your neighborhood that could be trouble, you will want to remember this link. I do not know it’s accuracy but it seems to work in my neighborhood. I will keep you posted. Please let me know what you find and how it helped you. […]

Government Bail out

I don’t know about you but every day that goes by I hear more and more ways that this  $ 700 Billion dollar, with a “B”, bailout is being used. It is just another way for corporations to get money back their coffers, write down their debit, and still keep on doing the same thing, in different […]

Yes on 8 Weather you like it or not!

Liberal Left Response to the Mayor of San Francisco Original Video, Mayor of San Francisco tweaks on Coffee_Desk 2.0, by Roam2Rome

If your anything like me, you really liked the Coffee_Desk program by Roam2Rome, but there was a few things wrong, like errors at the bottom of the page and the theme would not list all your pages. I looked all over for someone to help me with no luck. Today, when the Roam2Rome site was […]