October, 2008 Archive

Hmmm, What do you think of this?

Ok so we are all hearing things about each candidate for president of the United States. Some have been answered and others have been dodged. I think that Obma is a dangerous choice to our Country future in several levels.  MCain has his issues, but clearly he is the lessor of two choices.  Many things […]

The Sky Is NOT falling… Is it ?

Bob Phibbs, www.RetailDoc.com,  a loyal and long time customer of our company, YourHost.com,  sent me this today and I liked it. In this clip, He was spuuuuuuing fresh air in a stale area room. Imploding? We are imploding because everyone is ducking for cover. Get out from under your desk and take heed. Check Bob’s […]

Gma 411

Ok, so I called Hoag where Gma is staying. All blood work is normal. She was up early, ate,  and is getting treadmill and general tests.  She has to have her stent replaced and if she comes up normal, that will happen Tuesday.  You can call her later today, I figure around 10:30 would be […]

Busy Week

Ok so this weekend was jam packed with fun. It is Monday and Gayle and I got into the surgery center for her Shoulder at 5:30AM. Meanwhile…Gma is still in the ER for overnight observation taken in by Gayle all day Sunday. Gayle…being the trooper she is, stayed with Gma all day. Gma went in […]

Family dog Laid to Rest

Today was one of the harder days in our families life. Patches our Dalmatian of 13 years that had out lived her years. She was one of the most loving dogs. I referred to her as a “Love Sponge”. She was in a bad way with tumors all over her body, living 3 years after […]

ShopSite 10, Doba and Wysiwyg

I just had a chance to review ShopSite 10 Beta pre-release. It has some nice features, especially the Wysiwyg optional editor. Doba.com, an up and coming quick start system has partnered with ShopSite to bring more flexibility to sales for the person who wants to sell products to seamlessly add to their arsenol. YourHost.com is […]

What is your Market Position?

Well, As of around September 29th. to date, there are two positions that people are in. Out of the Market Chillin FETAL POSITION It is looking pretty grim out there. People in the finance banking and real-estate community are acting as if they did not see it coming. A good businessman CFO, CEO, reviews it’s […]


For those of you who are worried about your investments, here’s a thought:   1.        If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock one year ago you would have $49.00 left. 2.        With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00. 3.        With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 […]