January, 2008 Archive

Loyalty and Ethics

In today’s world, loyalty and commitment does not apear to be as important. To some, loyalty an commitment is who you are and what their company is about. In life, these qualities are easy to spot and easier to follow. In corporate life, that line can get clouded or diffused. My life is governed by my faith and all things fall around it. No, […]

Ecommerce… again.. where is it going?

I have been involved with Ecommerce since 1997 and from then until now, it has evolved, but remained steady. There are many companies in the game, but there are so many components involved in brining good useful tools, along with reliable services, that most do not have the experience and the acquired knowledge to really […]

Streaming and SKU Streaming Flash

I was reviewing SilverDock.com that was an Ecommerce SKU-driven Embedded stream for active selling. They have Amazon as one of there customers. I think this will work for some products and services but not for all. Live streaming and streaming on demand as become very popular and serious streaming can be costly. There are many […]