October, 2007 Archive

Fires in Southern California hits home

Some of our friends and family are being affected by the fires in So. Cal. It is Tuesday October 23rd 2007, and the air is swirling with ashes and as we live a mile or so from the beach (Huntington Beach), we can look east and see all the smoke. I have been watching the […]

Salesforce gaining momentum

Our company, YourHost.com has been using Salesforce since the first of 2007 and it has been very powerful for our team. It has made sales management very smooth. As much as I do not like Outlook, it syncs with Outlook. I also use Verizon on my Treo and whenever SalesForce is updating, and synchronizing with […]

We Cut-up our credit cards, Dave Ramsey’s FPU

Everyone has this problem and only a few take action. Today…We cut-up every credit card we own to free us of the credit card bondage.

Hosting Fees and Shifting Climates

WebHostingTalk.com Blog by PaulHirsch is right on and well I just had to comment on the state of who are serious and who are not going to be around a year from now. The Whir seems to have some great articles and such. A magazine that I was really impressed at the HostingCon 2007 was […]

Record breaking Songs on the Internet

So I am experiencing the transition of the power of the Internet on just about anything, but today it really hit home as to the speed of how fast things happen and get press. Recently, on the News, you may hear TV reporters getting the news in their ears before they actually get on scene […]