August, 2007 Archive

What does 100% uptime mean and how can that be promised

I recently had online chats with a host to get to the bottom of 100% up-time guarantee’s and this is what I found. Just as I thought. It is impossible to be 100% up-time. Good networks and points of failures makes for better stability. “We have actually assisted 100% network up-time in over 7 years.. […]

Antivirus and stuff, How do you keep up

Well, I consider myself a good Virus hunter’s in finding and killing computer virus issues.  In my personal life, sometimes my friends will look to me their virus problems. I do not do it as often and most do not realize that it takes from 2-10 hours to find and fix computers with multiple issues. […]

Cpanel, Ensim, Plex, vs Manually run Servers

During the past 10 years I have been listening to the pros and cons of “automated” servers vs “manual” (command line maintenance). We are a manually run house. Why? It comes down to faster customer Response times and server solutions flexibility. Our team has always pushed against automated systems and I understand why. You cannot […]

Catherine Seda’s Book

As the CEO of the company, I need to fully understand our market and how it relates to the products and services we provide. In doing so, I went to Barnes and Nobels and found Catherine Seda’s book titled How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders. Seeing that we have a team in our company […]

Chicago, Birthday’s and HostingCon2007

I have never been to Chicago. I Grew up a surfer in Play Del Rey California, so we did not travel much. I took my wife to this event…Well it was a tactical move as it was her birthday that weekend. I was invited to speak on Security and Trust Marks by the Hacker Safe […]